Current Projects

Charlotte County

I-75 Six-Lane Project

from North of SR 951 to North of Golden Gate Parkway

Project details


Construction start: June 2015

Estimated completion: Early 2017

Cost: $32 Million

Contractor: Ajax Paving Industries of Florida

Project ID: 406313-1-52-01





About the construction project


The Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) contractor, Ajax Paving Industries of Florida, LLC., begins work on Monday, June 15 to widen I-75 to six lanes from north of SR 951(Collier Boulevard) to just north of Golden Gate Parkway. Crews will add a 12-foot travel lane and 10-foot shoulder to the inside of existing northbound and southbound I-75.


Crews begin work with installation of construction signs and silt fence for erosion control. Work occurs during the day and during nighttime/over night hours. Lane closures and ramp closures may occur in both the northbound and southbound travel lanes from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Variable message signs will be in place to alert drivers that work is underway.


During the project, crews will begin with widening the inside northbound and southbound travel lanes south of the canal. The project also includes widening the bridges at the Golden Gate Canal. Crews will make improvements to some of the existing ramps at Golden Gate Parkway and SR 951 (Collier Boulevard). Noise barriers will then be constructed within FDOT’s right-ofway from south of the canal to north of Golden Gate High School on both sides of the roadway. Crews will then widen the inside northbound and southbound travel lanes north of the canal. Motorists should be aware of heavy machinery and large trucks entering and exiting the roadway. Please use caution and plan extra travel time driving in this area.


Public information staff provides weekly reports about work planned and expected lane/ramp closures to media who use this information in morning broadcasts and newspapers


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